nice weather we’re having

Hi everyone! Thanks for continuing to check in with us on Way Happy. I realize our posts have become less frequent, and that is basically because we are both working full time and things feel a bit dull. Work, work, work, and not much else is going on, aside from the occasional dingy motor failure and rocky sleepless night on the boat. And here in Florida, we can barely even talk about the weather….it’s just sunny and nice every day! Boring! (Not really! We are totally appreciating the weather!!!)
Even our cat Mojo is bored:

I am happy to report, however, that our social life is improving. We have been making a concerted effort to get out and meet people and it seems to be working. We even got invited to a super bowl party at some new friends’ house, and even though we really are NOT football fans and could basically care less about professional sports, we went to the party and had a great time. Madonna was definitely the highlight of the evening, IMHO. Don’t y’all agree? She rocked it!

And, we have expanded our search for like-minded souls a bit outside the St. Augustine city limits. This weekend we went to Gainesville, which is about 90 minutes away by car. We found a crazy cheap deal on a car rental and zipped over to the Gator Capital to do some dancing. It was medicine! We have practiced a slightly obscure form of dancing called contact improvisation for many years and we found a group of people doing it once a month in Gainesville. So Cap’t K planned this surprise outing for me and took me to the contact improv jam. I was elated!! A big huge floor to move around on! That alone was worth the trip! We met a woman named Kristin who turned out to be a good friend of a good friend of ours, and she invited us to spend the night at her house. So we got to sleep in a real bed and hang out in a real house with a real cool person and it was fabulous.

And, we went to the Medieval Faire, which also happened to be going on in Gainesville.
Here are a few images from that wonderful place:
Lords and ladies

This guy wins the best costume award. And he’s TALL, I like TALL people!

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