UberDinghy to the Rescue

My hero

Cap’t K had a full weekend checking in on Wee Happy in Marathon. There was mold to fight, and motors to start, and a bunch of stuff to get off the boat. He had her bottom cleaned, put the sails back on, and took her out for a sail. Wee Happy was happy to back in action! But now she sits again and waits for the next time we can return to do some more work on her to get her ready for her next phase of life, whatever that may be.

Cap’t K brought back a whole carload of stuff to integrate into our possessions on Way Happy. Stuff that we needed, like clothes and our bicycle and our pressure cooker. As luck would have it, he arrived in the middle of the night in a huge rainstorm. I could not even go pick him up because I was stuck out in the far reaches of the mooring field with no dinghy motor in a storm. He had to wait for hours in the car in the pouring rain. I finally found some friends who came to get him in their dinghy in the early morning in the downpour. Cap’t K brought out the dinghy motor from the UberDinghy that was down in the Keys with Wee Happy. UberDinghy Motor to the Rescue! We were back in action with a fully working 15 horsepower Evinrude engine that can take the meanest chop and the strongest current. But, we were back in action in a monsoon, and when we went in to get all the stuff out of the rental car to bring it out to the boat, it was raining so hard the street was flooding! Literally, the street was under water! We had to wade through several feet of water just to get to the car, and we could barely see it was raining so hard. Not a good time to unload half of our wordly possessions. The problem was that we needed to have the car back that morning to avoid getting charged an extra day on the rental car fee. But there was no way we could unload the car in that storm. So we had to take another financial hit and keep the car for an extra day, and waited it out until the rain stopped to unload things. What a project! Cap’t K. worked all day getting stuff out to the boat and organized, and we are still sorting through things to decide what to keep, and what to get rid of. There is only so much storage space even on our bigger boat, and there is definitely not enough room for everything. Living on a boat sure is an exercise in simplicity. Everything on the boat needs to be useful and used, or it needs to get off the boat!

How many pans do we really need? Half of these have to go....

It was the first time in awhile that Cap’t K. and I have been away from each other for more than a few hours, and it was fun to miss each other. We have been having fun being together again after our separation! 🙂 Even after all the trials of living on a boat together, which is not always as romantic as it might sound, we are still lovebirds, and so lucky to have each other!!

The goofy lovebirds

Meanwhile, I am continuing to work full time at the wine shop and have been enjoying the crash course in wine that I have been getting there. (but not really enjoying the rest of the job that much) Cap’t K is still in limbo about the job he applied for. For now, we are still loving most everything about St. Augustine except for the crazy current and challenging conditions in this anchorage/mooring field. This weekend featured some of the roughest conditions we have seen here, with raging winds for days on end. A boat came in the inlet from the ocean (just a mile away from where we are), and due to the waves that had built up in the strong conditions, hit a shoal, and sank!! Luckily, everyone but the boat survived. Now that we have the UberDinghy again, we feel empowered to deal with this current!!

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2 thoughts on “UberDinghy to the Rescue

  1. sv Gemini Dreams

    Over the last year I have decided on 4 pots and pans, TOTAL! Two 12 inch frying pans with at least one lid, as big a stock pot as you are willing to deal with and lid and one pressure cooker (4qt). I have 3 brand new never used calphalon pans that need a home lying in the v birth awaiting eviction. We just made some awesome Sushi rice in the frying pan with a lid. Make sure to chain up your pots and lids if using on the kettle outside or Poseidon will want his share. Don’t ask how we know. lol


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