The Great Camera Rescue

Our new camera, another cheap, yet waterproof one, fell in the water the other day. The next day I, Lala, got up the guts to don the wetsuit and jump into the murky, pea green, cold water to dive for it. It was just right there, 7 feet dwon from the edge of the dinghy dock, I had to at least try! In my classic wimpy fashion I freaked out and whimpered and spluttered and whined about how cold and freaky the water was. You would have thought by watching me that I was going a hundred feet down to look for sea monsters, not 7 feet down to look for the stupid camera! Still, its just gross down there, and huge barnacles lurked on the edge of the underwater portion of the dock, and the current was so strong even there at the protected dock that it threatened to pull me under the dock while underwater. Cap’t K actually tied me to the dinghy dock so I wouldnt get sucked under, and he held onto a wooden oar put vertically on the water for me to hang onto while down there looking. The first three attempts yielded nothing, as I could barely see anything, and I am not known for being able to hold my breath long. But on the fourth try, there it was! The brand new camera, there on the bottom! I grabbed it and emerged victorious.
We inspected it carefully…everything still looked brand new. We looked inside the waterproof compartment that holds the memory card and the batteries and it looked dry. We turned it on and it started right up and worked just fine! A miracle! Here is the first picture we took with it! So we are back in business at least for now with a functioning camera.

The victorious diver

While we were on the dinghy dock planning my descent into the dark watery depths, minding our own business and asking advice from no one, a man came over and started giving us unsolicited advice about how we could have prevented the camera falling in the first place. He suggested we tie a piece of wood to the camera, because wood floats. I said, rather jokingly, “great idea, why didnt I think of that?” He replied in his British accent “Because you are American”. I asked “Are you saying that because I am American I am stupid?”. He answered “From what I can tell, most Americans are mindless sheep who dont have the ability to think for themselves or create solutions that dont involve buying consumer goods, and they are uneducated.”. Before we could get a word in edgewise, he then went on to tell us in great detail what, exactly, was wrong with our economy, military, political system, and culture. Captain K got so turned off he just walked away, but I, ever the polite Midwesterner, continued to attempt in vain to have a two way conversation with him and defend myself from his blatant attacks. Even though I actually agreed with some of his points, the way he just came up to us out of nowhere and made major assumptions about us was incredibly insulting and maddening. I finally suggested as I walked away that if he didnt like our country he was welcome to leave, and of course he said he was on his way to the Bahamas. We have encountered quite a few of these opinionated, know it all sailors (who are not surprisingly almost always sailing solo). They have no idea how to actually HAVE A CONVERSATION, you know, the kind were both people get to share ideas and talk. We have been trapped by them on numerous occasions and have marvelled at their inability to stop talking for even a moment while we say “goodbye, we are walking away now”. What is it with these people?

Anyway, alls well that ends well. Here is another photo taken with our new camera, this one at the awesome St. Augustine Beach.

Royal Terns

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6 thoughts on “The Great Camera Rescue

  1. Steve

    Hi Guys,
    Glad you were able to retrieve the camera! You should have asked your new found friend if he spoke German, and when he replied “no”, simply say “you’re welcome”!
    We are waiting on the cold weather, but currently it is quit nice in DC. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and the beautiful area. Cheers, Steve

  2. Jim Deatsch

    YAYYYYYYYY Lala, nicely done.

    People like the aforementioned individual merely pollute the gene pool. They are not worth the breath to tell ‘get lost, bucko’.

    Glad you got the camera back, we were pictureless.

    Jim and Judy

  3. Pam

    Now, tell me again why you went in the dark green murky water and Capt K stayed on land???????
    I applaud you, because you couldn’t have pushed me off the dock to get into the water like that.
    Now the new dingy motor is closer I hope. I hate to think of you out there with that dingy running so poorly.
    As for that guy it’s the Bahamas lost and America’s gain when his foot leaves our sea shore.
    Love Pam

  4. Larry

    The British have never gotten over the American Revolution. It is so pathetic that after a couple hundred years, all some Brits can do is be soooo boorish! You just encountered a very unhappy grumpy person. Their need to tear down others shows how insecure they are of themselves.

    This guy would make a great shark sandwich!

    1. admin Post author

      Well said!! Capt K is laughing out loud over the image of that guy being a shark sandwich! Good one, Dad!


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