Tales of Beaufort

We are in Beaufort, NC, not to be confused with Beaufort, SC. The North Carolina version is pronounced closer to the correct French pronunciation (Bo-fort), while as far as we understand the South Carolina one is pronounced “bew-fort”. Anyway, here we are in a very crowded anchorage where we got almost NO sleep last night because a very inconsiderate boat anchored RIGHT next to us, literally on top of our anchor, and during the night a storm passed through with high winds and boats were swinging all around, with this guy about 10 feet from us all night. This person did not even check his position all night, while we were up most of the night monitoring the situation the best we could. In the morning we were finally able to move to a different spot, and we do not have very good feelings for this guy right now if we were to meet him. I’m sure he didn’t have any malicious intent in anchoring so close, he was probably just trying to squeeze into a spot like everyone else was, but if you are going to anchor that close to someone in a storm at least be aware of what your boat is doing while it swings around!!!

One of the reasons we are making a stop in Beaufort was so that I could pick up some mail from my sister, who was awesome enough to mail me some new clothes so that I can make a stylish impression on the pelicans at sea. Thanks Sis!! They all fit perfect!
Here I am modeling one of my new outfits, while our messed up new camera takes it upon itself to add psychedelic effects.

I thought Beaufort would be a great place to pick up mail because I remember from being here last year that there is a post office right across the street from the dinghy dock. Super easy and accessible. Well as it turns out, the nearly bankrupt post office closed that branch, and now the only post office in Beaufort is over 2 miles away on a busy highway on the very outskirts of town in strip mall land. I didn’t mind the walk, as I wanted to get some exercise anyway, but it was a less than pleasant 4 mile round trip excursion on the side of the highway walking nearly in the trash filled ditch in order to not be so close to the speeding cars. (there was no sidewalk) Our current development model does not take pedestrians into account!! It is assumed that EVERYONE has a car and uses only it to go EVERYWHERE. It discourages people from walking. I resent this.

Maybe we should have brought our car. I thought that wasn’t possible, but this video proves otherwise. We could have just driven it onto the foredeck and we would have been all set!
Check it out. I almost peed my pants laughing. These Haitians sure are resourceful! Hopefully it will be a little comic relief for your day.

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