Crossing the Albemarle Sound (in sailor speak)

From our log book:

9:00am. Lala goes to post office to pick up general delivery mail in Elizabeth City. I check the engine oil, pump out the bilge, make bread dough and do the dishes. Then I check the diesel tank level. It is maybe 2/3 full…so estimate 20 gallons left. Planning on motoring for the next few days, so we need fuel.

Left the slip at 10:40am expecting to motor all day, but there is lots of wind from the sw. Gusty. Deployed the genoa then passed the point. Deployed the main.

Too much canvas.

7.2+ knots. Furled up the genoa to just a hankerchief and eased the main. Now averaging 6.3 knots. Motor off.

11:30am put a reef in the main.

12:00 to 12:15 attempted to lower the genoa and put on a small working jib, but the halyard car on the furler is stuck again and wont come down.

12:45 shift change. K on duty now. Pull out a bit of jib. Winds lessen. 5k.

1:30pm we’ve made it to the Albemarle sound.

1:45pm deployed all of the genoa. We need to make it south, and we cant point high enough with just a little jib out. The shape sucks. Have to have the whole sail out to get to windward. Needed to point 25 degrees higher after passing the marker. Luffing the reefed main. Now maiking 180 degrees magnetic in sw winds at 5k. Sweet

3:15pm 2.5nm to Aligator river entrance marker #1. cant make it under sail. Straight into wind. Starting engine to assist. Roll up genoa.

4:20pm rounding marker g9 to port and heading east for south lake anchorage. Motor off, deploy genoa. Sailing at 6 knots.

5:30pm anchor down. Stopped. Sails stowed. Cold beer.

6:30 raised Lala up the mast to clear the genoa blockage. She wimpered like a little scared girl the whole way up, but it was her turn. Brought her back down and changed genoa to small working jib for tomorrow.

7:15pm put bread dough in oven. Roasting roots too. Mosquitoes here. Using screens on companionway hatch.

8:00 pm Delicious homemade bread!!

– Capt’n K & Lala

Location:Crossing the Albemarle Sound

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3 thoughts on “Crossing the Albemarle Sound (in sailor speak)

  1. Pam

    That bread looks great!
    Glad you two are safe. I am going to show just how dumb I am….are there really alligators in the river and if not why the name? Curious…
    Sounds like your doing some good sailing. Lala just what is your title if he is Capt K ? I would have whimpered too!

    I think you guys should get some black eye patches and those funky hats.

  2. Velocir

    Hey guys!

    You are making good time, you’re closing in on us. We are 10 miles south of beaufort north carolina. we’re getting back on the waterway tomorrow but keep an eye on our location in our blog! we have a couple beers here with your names on them, but you have to come get them .

    SV Velocir
    Grant & Amelia

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Velocir! We’d love to claim those beers, we’ll have to catch up to you guys! Although we may very well bypass you — our plan right now is to get to Beaufort and go on the outside all the way to Charleston. So maybe we’ll wait for you there!! We’d love to meet you guys, it is exciting for us to think about getting to hang out with people under 60 like us!


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