Oh, the places you’ll go

We met someone crazier than us. No really, we mean it. Crazy crazy, and so full of stories and tales that you feel like a kid in an iMax theater.

We were dinghying through the harbor past the Coast Guard station minding our own business and checking out all the other boats here. Then my eyes fell upon a very very wee vessel. A mere day sailor me thinks. Nice lines, low freeboard, blue hull. Looks fast and sleek.

Wait, wait, there is a person on board. Not just a person, but it looks like someone is living on that tiny thing. Not just a person living on that tiny thing, but a WOMAN!

That’s more rare than a Made in the U.S.A product in Wal-mart!

So of course we had to go over and say hello. Meet Linda, skipper and owner of a 22 foot full keeled Pearson Ensign day sailor. She has had the boat in New Hampshire for years on stands but recently moved to Florida. So on October 1st she launched her wee vessel from Maine, and is sailing it down to Florida. There she’s going to live on an 80 by 25 foot steel barge that her brother built from scratch. Their plan is to go to Panama, where there aren’t many people, so they can get away from it all.

No, we aren’t making this up for our dear readers. This is reality blogging in action! This living breathing 62 year old woman is single handing a 22 foot day sailor named “summer wind” from Maine to Florida in October.

As far as I’m concerned, no one ever gets to call us crazy again! Now, we love this lady already. When we call her crazy, it is with adoration and affection and respect, but DAMN, she’s salty! Look at this boat! It’s almost all cockpit, and you can’t even sit up all the way in the cabin. Not only that, but the cabin leaks a bit, and the bunk is always wet. Wow! But, hey it has a U.S. coast Guard licensed 100-ton master captain at the helm, so she definitely knows what she’s doing. Hell, she grew up with 6 siblings on a 70 foot schooner in the Bahamas!

So, seeing her lovely wee vessel and knowing how wet it was outside (e.g. It’s been raining all day), we stole her away to our boat for a little hot tea and a dry towel and warm cabin couch and conversation.

I know, I know, land people would never dream of meeting someone in a parking lot who has a really small car and inviting them over to their house for tea, but that’s just how it goes here on the water. Maybe the next time you see a wee little SmartCar or one of those new Fiats, go over and ask the person over to your house for a drink just to see what they do. You can always tell them that we said it was okay and that you read about it on a blog online somewhere called Way Happy.

-Capt’n K & Lala

PS. It looks like we’ll be shut in here in Cape May for a few days. (Wow, that’s news, right! 😉 The next weather window for heading south may be on Friday night or Saturday, and we hope to run outside, e.g. on the Atlantic, from here to Norfolk, Virginia. That’s the way the pickle wrinkles.

Location:Cape May, NJ

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5 thoughts on “Oh, the places you’ll go

  1. Steve

    Hi guys,
    Wow, she does seem like a salty ole saillor.
    Panama is beautiful, so i can understand the desire.
    Also wanted to check, did the bag of ice arrive at dream weaver?
    Just making sure. Good luck to Norfolk!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, we got the “bag of ice” — thank you so much!!! What a wonderful surprise! We were trying to write you a real email yesterday but have been having some issues getting new Way Happy email set up with only the Ipad online at the moment.
      Anyway, thank you again for your extreme generosity, we will definitely enjoy a dinner out!!!

      1. Steve

        hahaha IT troubles on the high seas! No worries, and no thanks necessary. Thank YOU for the blog! Just wanted to make sure the electronic sending worked correctly.
        Looking forward to your progress south to warmer climes!
        We hope to get out on the water this weekend, probably for the last time this season…sigh!
        Happy sailing,

  2. Valerianna

    Hey! I’ve been reading from oldest to newest since you left Marion. Its weird to see you guys on the boat that I’ve spent my life sailing on! But also feels good to see her on such a great journey. Love the cat additions. We once had a dog that sailed occasionally, she didn’t like it that much if I remember correctly. I asked Dad today if he was sad about the boat and if its good to know what’s going on with it or not. He said if he were in Marion, he’d probably be sad, but where he is now, everything is new. So, he’s enjoying reading the blog and keeping in touch and seeing Way Happy’s new life. And so am I. Glad to know that you’re on your way. Too bad I never made it down to see you before you took off… STILL need to get there, maybe next weekend, ugh.
    Dreaming abundance for you,
    blessings from the very land-locked forest.

  3. Pam

    Hold on a minute guys! I am 62 and it doesn’t mean we are dead. I like flying in hot air balloons and would love to try an ultra-light. I also would like to fly in an F-16.
    She sounds wonderful and a great addition to you friends list. I hope that she has email and sends you pics of the barge.
    I have a book that you could probably find in the used bookstore, called “Tinkbelle” This man had a great job and decided one day to take his 11 foot sailboat across the Atlantic.
    Great reading!
    Might be able to find it on the internet. I read this when I was in my 20’s (yea that long ago) and I will never forget the book.
    Enjouy your company and get some rest and God be with you on your next leg of your journey.


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