Good Times Aground in Atlantic City

Ugh! We ran aground!

Well, welcome to yet another fun-filled day aboard way happy!  Today, the winds are blowing 20 knots and gusting to 30 from the west.  We swung on our anchor all night, and we figured it was set really well.

So we dinghied over to the grocery store to get some food and water.  We were gone about 2 hours, and when we came back, our boat was missing.  It just wasn’t where we left it.

We found it downwind of course, on her side on a falling tide.  What joy!


So we are learning how to inhabit a living space that is leaned over 35 degrees.  It’s really hard to walk, as it’s almost as much gravity pulling you down to the left as there is holding you to the floor.  It’s like being in a fun house, except it is *your house* leaning on its side!

The cats can’t even walk on the floor. Their little paws just don’t have enough traction. They just slide downhill.

So, we put out a nice big danforth anchor to windward and brought it back to the cockpit winch. That should keep us from running further aground.  We may even be able to use it to get ourselves unstuck when the tide comes back up.  The problem is that the next high tide (in 8 hours) is the lower of the two high tides of the day. It’s a foot lower than the other high tide.

So we are expecting to inhabit slant world until probably around 11:00am tomorrow when the higher high tide comes in.  Then we’ll either float off on our danforth or TowBoat U.S. will help pull us off.





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