Lost Day

Cap't K.'s office

So we had an idyllic weekend at the beach. We even had a day working in our island office. K. found an electric outlet next to a picnic table and worked his computer job all day while I was weaving and going for a little swim every so often.

That night we were both up half the night checking on the boat, which was rocking and moving quite a lot with the strong current in the anchorage. Cap’t K. had even tried the new ” rocker stoppers” that we just got, which cut our rocking down remarkably. Our new friend Wes, who also has an Albin Vega called Gemini Dreams, came and anchored right next to us, and he was rocking about 10 times more than we were! (without rocker stoppers) It has been fun seeing another Vega, and comparing notes on all the details of the boat. Here is a photo of the twins in the Bahia Honda Harbor.

Wee Happy with Gemini Dreams

The next day was one of those days where nothing goes right. It all started first thing in the morning when a motor boat sped by us very fast while I was making coffee, causing the boat to rock so hard that the coffee spilled ALL OVER EVERYTHING! The entire floor, the cushions, pillows, clothes, my yarn, and more were all covered in coffee and coffee grounds. A total disgusting mess!

Then we decided to pack up and leave because the winds were forecasted to shift in an unfavorable direction for that harbor.  Our entire getting the boat ready to sail process was frustrating and not smooth.  The GPS, depth sounder, and auto pilot were all either not working or acting funny.  Then as soon as we lifted the anchor and started out the harbor, a giant rain cloud came overhead and so we decided to turn back and wait for it to pass.  Then, as we were re-anchoring, the tow line for the dinghy got caught in the propeller of the boat’s motor.  Arrrrgggh!  We managed to get it off relatively easily, and thank goodness there was no damage to the motor.   We finally set sail an hour later and sailed slowly in light winds all the way back to Boot Key harbor.  We got to use our “happy” rainbow colored spinnaker sail, which helped to lift our spirits!

Returning back to Marathon left me with mixed feelings.  It was lovely to come into the marina after we returned and have people exclaim how much they missed us and inquire about our trip.  We felt so loved!  But truthfully, aside from our friends here I am really over this place and am looking forward to moving on.  K. is going to finish this computer job and we have a few more boat projects to do, and then we’re outta here!

Today the wind has shifted and is blowing really strong.  This afternoon I had the horrific and stressful experience of returning to the boat after running some errands to discover that our anchor was dragging and we were headed straight for a huge catamaran next to us!  K. was working on the computer in the marina, and so I was alone to deal with it.  We have worked out an excellent routine for anchoring as a duo, with one person on the motor and the other person up front dealing with the anchor.  But I had never had to do it alone before and had no idea how to handle the situation all by myself.  I was panicking!!!!  I started the motor and tried to keep at least from hitting the other boat, when an angel named Dave came over in his dinghy and offered to help me.  THANK GOD!   He pulled up the anchor and I motored us to a better spot, where we re-anchored with no damage done to anyone.  Now the wind continues to howl and we are checking often to make sure we aren’t moving.  We are missing that safe, easy mooring ball we were on right about now!

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4 thoughts on “Lost Day

  1. Pam Racine

    Thank God you two are safe. I will keep you in prayers for traveling mercies and safe haven place.
    Howling winds huh! Last nite we had a wind chill of 13 below. Today our high will be 28 degrees. Tomorrow we may have the start to a heat wave coming, by Saturday we should be 40 degrees. Time to get the lounge out and sit in the sun in the driveway In between the two 5 foot snow banks so the wind is blocked.
    Now does your wind seem like such a big problem….. This has been the worse winter on record for this area. I am counting the hours to Spring March 20th, never mind the days. I passed being sick of winter 2 months ago.
    I love your site, Its like reading a book that doesn’t have an end…
    God bless and keep you safe.

  2. Joshua Altschule

    Sasha says “I love, we just woke up in the morning and daddy read me your note. I love you and goodbye”.

    Josh says.. You two are getting saltier by the moment. The keys can definitely have a shelf life but I think you are doing it the best way it can be done. Every time I erad yours posts a part of me awakens from this long and cold winter stuper. Thanx for ta


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