Sweet Savannah

Savannah was the main city along the Eastern seaboard that we had both been looking forward to visiting. Even after how impressed we were with Charleston, we were told “wait ’till you see Savannah!”
(although I still want to move to Charleston!)

As we left our boat tied up to the city dock on the downtown waterfront, we were immediately greeted by an entire boulevard park lined entirely with large live oak trees. They were so beautiful they actually brought tears to my eyes.

Beauty of the oaks

It was worth it visiting Savannah JUST to see these trees. Live oaks, a variety of oak I was previously unfamiliar with, are some of the most gorgeous trees I’ve ever met. Words cannot convey, nor can a photo express, just how lovely and graceful they are. If you have experienced them, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I recommend a visit to the South to become acquainted with them.

Another beautiful one

As we meandered around Savannah, we came upon a park every few blocks filled with more stately live oaks. Oglethorpe, the famed founder of Savannah, had the brilliant idea to design the city so that every small neighborhood looks inward towards a central park square, which takes up one square block. We were charmed by each and every park, as well as by the well preserved old mansions and gardens in the historical districts. Savannah is a lovely city indeed!

We happy in Savannah!

While we were in Savannah we got to meet a fellow weaver and sailor (she may be the only one besides me!), a gracious woman named Suzanne and her husband Doc. They keep their sailboat on Lake Champlain but spend the winters in Savannah, and we had tried to connect over the summer on Lake Champlain, but somehow never managed to meet. I found her through a weaving website called Weavolution. Suzanne invited us to her home to have dinner and take a bath. We were thrilled at that offer and spent a wonderful evening with them, enjoying being in a REAL house and eating yummy food! We shared sailing stories and had a lovely time. I got to see some of Suzanne’s weavings and talk about weaving with another fiber junkie! She has a great blog and website at http://suzyhok.blogspot.com/. Thanks to both of them for their sweet generosity!

We learned while docked on the Savannah River, that it is a major port for large shipping vessels, such as this one, passing our wee boat:

We feel very wee next to this mega tanker!

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