Hardworkin pirates

I haven’t written much about my pirate job….I have been on the ship about 3 days a week.  My role right now is photographer — I take pictures of the tourists with pirates, print them out on our nifty on board printer, and sell the photos for 12 bucks each.  Pretty easy, although not really authentically pirate-y.  I’ve been working towards my big debut as a singer/entertainer.  I have been praticing a solo (a different one than the one I did for the first audition) and I will be singing it solo for the crowd for the first time on Thursday.  I am expanding my horizons a lot by soloing, as it is not something I have ever done or even wanted to do in the past.  But it feels exciting now! 
Here are a few shots of my coworker pirates out for grog after yesterdays show. We pirates do love to drink, affter all!





4 thoughts on “Hardworkin pirates

    1. admin Post author

      I am happy to report that I survived the solo and am gaining confidence in my singing ability. Much room for improvement still, but hey I did it!

  1. Capt. Mhack


    Looks like you are having a great time!

    Found your sites and added the links to mine.

    It’s great to follow your adventures, you should sail by the St.Pete/ Clearwater area so we can properly introduce you to the area ( Pirates!) lol 🙂

    Definitely come next January for the Gasparilla.

  2. Larry

    Congratulations! Glad the solo went well. I am looking for a job. Do they have an opening for someone to walk the plank?


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