Bed of Dreams

We just made a major upgrade to our boat.  We got a king sized bed!  How did we do that, you ask?  Way Happy isn’t THAT big?!!


Capt K created a wooden insert to put between the full size fold out bed and the bench in the main salon.  It just happens that the space between the two is the same size as the back rest cushions, so we place those over the insert and voila!  The whole cabin has just been transformed into a giant bed!  This means that, besides a great improvement to our love life (we will spare you the details, but trust me, its WAY better), we are sleeping so very much better.  We can sprawl out and not feel cramped and crowded like we did in the v-berth.  We have been waking up happier and feel pretty darn excited about this improvement!

3 thoughts on “Bed of Dreams

  1. Josh

    That looks great! But before I can guarantee is awsomeness I will need to inspect it and verify its design dynamics, softness to firmness ratio and ease of use. If I failed to mention I am a certified sleeping device specialist with the American Devision for Sleep Equality and the Federal Commision for the Advancement of Soundful Sleep. I can’t just give these stamps away.


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