Monthly Archives: July 2011

The big clearing

We did it.  We took down our yurt and it is gone.  After a few weeks of moving and sorting all our stuff into piles destined to either go into storage, trash, give-away or sell, we spent 3 full, hot days taking down the yurt, dismantling the deck platform, and putting everything into a big moving truck.  The buyers of our yurt came over from Massachusetts and put in their own sweat equity helping to make the take-down happen.  We had a great time with them, and it all went as smoothly as it could go.  The sale of our yurt included most of our furniture and many other possessions that “went with the yurt”, and it was a bizarre feeling to see your entire house and belongings put into a truck and taken away by someone else.  But Patrick and Katie were as awesome as awesome can be, and we felt good about sending them off with such a good start to their own off-grid living experience.  Here are a few shots of the last few intense days. If you have ever wondered how a yurt is taken down, here is a glimpse. It is really quite amazing to take a whole building down in a matter of hours!

The Carpet Comes Up

The Walls Come Down

Captain K lifts the heavy roof canvas from the dome

The view from the loft without the roof on

The deck comes apart

In the midst of the chaos, we hooked up the stove and K. made bread!

And it was the best bread ever!!!!

The truck loaded to the gills

Burning the scrap wood on the yurt site

We feel grateful that this process has been going so well, even though the circumstances have been stressful. Our time with Patrick and Katie was wonderful, and we have 2 new good friends now! And it didn’t even rain, although it was really, really hot!

We are now in the final stretch of getting everything off the land. We are now in the process of selling our cars and other major possessions. The stuff is clearing and it feels good. We are looking forward to getting back on the water and are looking at larger boats……what will the next step of our adventure look like? Right now we can just focus on what it in front of us, which at the moment is the last pile of crap to get rid of!