The Magical Mead of Happiness and Bliss

The Magical Mead of Happiness and Bliss

Way back in the spring of 2009, K. continued his successful experimentation with homebrewing by starting a batch of mead, or fermented honey. (Those of you who were at our wedding may remember his first ventures into homebrewing with the most excellent wine that was served there) A year later, he tried the almost finished mead to find that it was too dry and not very good. He added more honey and waited another few months, and the night before we left on our sailing trip, we stayed up late and bottled the mead, so that we could bring a good supply of it on our trip with us. There was enough to make 8 bottles, and so to each bottle we added a different experimental ingredient, such as MORE honey, or ginger, or vanilla, or ginger AND vanilla.

At the time of bottling, K. added a little more yeast to see if a “champagne” result could be achieved. Well, it worked! The finished beverage has a bubbly effervescent head that sings with activity. In fact, so much pressure was building up in the bottles that one of them popped it’s cork on it’s own unexpectedly, and to our extreme delight we had to immediately drink the whole bottle, lest it spill and go to waste!!

The results have been outstanding. Actually, outstanding is an understatement. This mead inspires me to write poetry praising it’s subtle and smooth, sweet and seductive deliciousness. No matter how bad things are, this mead would make them feel better. It has heartwarming powers other drinks only wish they had.
If I wasn’t already madly in love with my husband, I would fall in love with him now just for having made the absolute most marvelous beverage ever. He didn’t invent it of course, as mead is one of the oldest fermented beverages known to mankind, however, this mead is superior to any other that I’ve ever tried.

If you’d like to try some, you’d better come visit us on our boat soon, before we drink it all! Only 6 bottles left!

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