Weeeeeee! We in NYC!!

We made it to New York! The 79th St. city docks are $30 per day, which is probably the cheapest way to stay in the big apple! There is no protection however; we are right on the shore of the Hudson, and all of the wakes from the barges roll our wee boat like it’s a roller coaster ride. So we try to just relax and “weeeeeeeee” enjoy the ride while everything inside crashes from side to side around us.

Spending a few days here visiting friends and enjoying the city before we move on. Hoping to score a few day sails on the ocean before we head down the Jersey coast.

Manhattan is INTENSE after being on the serentity and solitude of the water for weeks. We ate at a Thai restaurant called “LAND” where people were packed in like sardines into a very wee restaurant….everywhere we went there were mobs of people speaking all different languages- such a beautiful diversity of humanity here!

One thought on “Weeeeeee! We in NYC!!

  1. Sistah Stephanie

    Congrats! – this blog is awesome and your entries make me feel like I’m experiencing your wee journey too!


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