Wee Happy Podcasts now online!

We’ve been recording audio notes all along, and now we have our podcast audio feed set up. Here is an example entry from our going away party / Lala’s birthday party.

2 thoughts on “Wee Happy Podcasts now online!

  1. Roy Johannesen

    I listened to your podcast, as it was the latest entry I can find in the adventures of the Wee. You have good diction. And I get the impression that you like to work with your hands, and fix things. Although, the sea is a bit corrosive, and fixing can be a heavy load. In the main, you sound as impressive as I imagined you would. But you also sound sad, and trying hard not to sound sad.

    Best wishes for your voyage. For both of you. It is a long journey home.

    VTY RJ


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