A post from Mojo the cat

Well, that was an adventure.  These guys think THEY”RE on a big adventure, but I just spent a whole week in Fort Edward hanging out in the bushes chasing chipmunks and mice and visiting other people’s houses.  That’s the most adventurous thing I’ve ever done in my whole life!

I was getting a bit bored on that boat.  I mean, it’s nice and all, but it’s a bit wee, and I needed to stretch my legs a bit, so when they weren’t looking, I hopped on the dock to have a look around.  Right away I saw a chipmunk and HAD to chase it, and the next thing I knew, I was in uncharted territory.  I thought I would just check things out a bit, so I wandered until it got really dark.  I got really spooked by some loud noises, so I hid in the bushes for a LONG time.  I think days went by, I’m not sure.  I know finally I was getting really hungry so I looked around for food but didn’t find any.  Good thing I’m so fat I had some extra fuel to burn! 

It was fun roaming around on my own exploring, but the cold rain wasn’t really very fun.  Having dogs bark at me scared the crap out of me.  Crossing a big street was terrifying!  I was starting to miss cuddling on the comfy couch with my brother SlowMo.  And food……couldn’t someone just come and feed me when I meow???!? 

Finally someone did feed me.  I kept going back to her house ‘cuz I knew there would be food there.  The next thing I knew I was IN her house (itwas nice and warm in there!) and there were a whole bunch of other cats  there who all wanted to check me out and smell my butt.  (I think they agreed with my people that my butt stinks.)  As always, I tried to make friends with them and play, but some of them weren’t too friendly.  Then I got shoved in one of those little boxes and put into a loud moving thing, and the next thing I knew I was back on that boat again, all surrounded by water.  Why would anyone want to be surrounded by water??  It’s a little crazy to me but I’m glad to be back with people who pet me all the time and give me food whenever I want.  And my brother was really happy to see me too.  It’s a bit wee on this boat, but life is pretty good here.  I gotta go take another nap.

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