The dredging barge sinks!!

Capt K and Ryan are out in the Gulf Stream sailing, and what exciting news do I have to report here?  Well, the most exciting thing to happen at the City Marina since we arrived in November is going on right now, and those poor boys are missing it. 

For the last 6 weeks or so, there has been a big dredging operation going on at the marina.  A huge barge with a Caterpillar on top of it has been scooping out silt and sediment which has been accumulating in the inner basin of the marina.  To give you an idea of how shallow it was getting, I used to run aground in our dinghy at low tide near the dinghy dock! 

The other day I was coming to shore in the dinghy and noticed the barge was partially submerged under water.  Hmmm, that looks strange, I thought.  It appears to be sinking.  The guys working on the barge didn’t look too stressed, however, and I shrugged it off.  Later that day I returned to find the whole barge under water, with only the Caterpillar sticking out.  It sank!!!  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.


They have been trying to pump water out for 2 days now to raise it to no avail, and it seems to be anyones guess how they plan to deal with it from here.  Meanwhile the whole fiasco is the talk of the marina. 


And if that weren’t enough excitement, there is some kind of Nordic Tug convention going on and the marina is full of adorable boats like these:


One thought on “The dredging barge sinks!!

  1. Larry

    I think the barge was sunk by terrorist. It ain’t 9-11, but 4-19! Anyone on a barge after this has to feel threatened.

    The person responsible should walk the plank wearing a pair of Nike Concrete Walking Shoes.


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