The Big fish

The big Snapper Capt'n K Speared

Maffick’s Rich and Mimi had their son Timmin visit. he flew out in his Cessna and we went spear fishing.

After poking around a few coral heads for a while, I noticed a large yellow fin underneath one rock. After repeated dives I got a glimpse of the whole fish, and he was huge. I kept diving until I got a good shot, but I knew that if I tried to pull him out through the small hole in the rock, I’d end up pulling my spear out of him, and then he’d be hurt and lost.

So I had Timmin help me. It took both of us to get this awesome fish. He dove and got a shot with his spear clear through the fish which locked him onto the spear. Then I was able to wriggle the fish through the rock holes to get him out.

Man was he heavy and tasty! He fed all six of us that night. That’s the biggest fish we’ve ever caught, and it took two of us to do it! Yay teamwork!

On another note: we’ve turned around and are heading back to the States now. We’ve made it all the way to Nassau now, and our plan is to return to Andros and then go back to Bimini and then cross the stream to Fort Lauderdale. The exumas were fantastic, but we have committments in the States this summer, and we want to return before the storm season begins.

Thanks for checking in!

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