Thunderball Cave

At Staniel Cay we got to explore a marvelous cave by fin. We donned our snorkel gear and jumped off the anchored dinghy. Swam into a hole in a big rock island and found this cavern inside. Magic! Some of the best snorkeling we’ve seen so far in the Bahamas.

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  1. Kevin Irwin

    Sitting at my desk, eating lunch and reading your blog. I’m getting inspired. Less than 21 weeks until my wife and I leave our land lives behind and head down the Intracoastal for the Exumas. In this “economic recovery” Dorothy is losing her job with an investment bank at the end of June. We figured this was the time. I can always return to my life as a cameraman/editor anytime, so it seems that the planets are aligned to go now. It’s nice to know that not everyone is cruising on a 50ft. yacht with all the comforts of home. Our 1993 Hunter Legend 35.5, is a modest boat, but we like her. The next 4 months will be spent figuring out exactly what we need to have for this trip, putting as much money as possible aside, and cramming as much nautical knowledge into our brains as is humanly possible. I think the toughest thing to do will be to say goodby to our Golden Retriever, Jackson. We had originally hoped to take him with us, but without a watermaker aboard, I think he would make things difficult. Besides, he takes up the room of two people aboard “Foolish Heart” He’ll be well cared for, as my sister will watch him and our house while we’re gone. Maybe when I hit the lottery, he can cruise with us on our new catamaran! I’ll be shooting a documentary of our trip, and if you guys get back down next year, I would love to shoot an interview with you both. You’re not exactly sterotypical cruisers! Have fun, enjoy every minute, and keep on doing your blog. You’ve got a new loyal reader.
    Good winds and fair seas,

    Kevin Irwin
    s/v Foolish Heart
    Bel Air, Maryland

    1. wh-admin Post author

      Kevin, awesome to read your post!

      We heartily back your ideda and hope that you go through with it. It seems that the single most important and phaps difficult thing is simply to MOVE on the an rather than just consider it. Its that action step that makes it a reality. Im suprised at how silly our fears from before we launched now seem after cruising for a while. Its just jumping in and. Figuring it out along the way. We have met people who got in over their heads however, becau they had too many problems and too few resources to put to fixing the problems. Thats why small boats are good! Still 27 feet is a bit tooo small for my 6 foot tall body, and i would love to have your large hunter! By the way, foraging for water is fun. You meet people and discoverr new places. Just have loys of west marine collapsible 5 gallon jugs with you.

      Hope to meet you!
      Captn K


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