What Happiness Tastes Like

Since we left on our journey, we knew we were going to have to create money making opportunities for ourselves to fund our trip. We’ve had many more ideas than we have had concrete results, but one of the bright ideas we have had is now coming to fruition. A few weeks ago K. and I were enjoying a very special bar of dark chocolate that we had purchased in a specialty chocolate shop way back in Palm Beach that we went to with Sheri and Roark. As we lay in bed moaning and ooohing and aaaahing over this incredibly delicious bar of coconut macaroon sea salt chocolate, we knew that we had found our calling — to sell chocolate to deprived sailors who mostly can only shop at whatever store is in walking distance of the marina. We felt we had discovered a niche market waiting to be tapped. And it’s almost Valentine’s Day.
So the next day we set up a wholesale account with this same chocolate company –Seattle Chocolates, and placed a huge order of chocolate to arrive by Valentine’s Day. The chocolate arrived yesterday and now we have begun our new jobs delivering happiness in the form of chocolate to Boot Key Harbor.
If you, too, would like to experience this happiness AND feel good about supporting the travels of two crazy sailors, you can place an order through us and we will mail it to you!
Our special deal to you, dear readers of the Wee Happy blog is:
3 bars of chocolate for only $10! The flavors are Coconut Macaroon with Sea Salt, Rainier Cherry, and Cappucino Crunch. They contain 55% dark chocolate, except for the Cappucino Crunch which is a milk chocolate.

Our other money making venture is performing our fire dancing, and we have our first paid gig TONIGHT! tK. and I have been practicing a little choreographed staff routine, and we have pulled in our friend Amanda to play drums for us along with our new friends Kurt and Kristina who have been creating a special drumming chant just for us.
We will post photos tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “What Happiness Tastes Like

  1. Mom

    Mmmmm – I love chocolate!! Hope you have lots of good sales! This RSS feed subscription works great – thanks for alerting me to that! I’m off to Mpls today! Love ya both!

  2. Craig & Ruth

    We happened to stumble across your posts and spent this evening reading every one. Life should be an adventure and it sounds like you’re having a great one. If you’re planning on staying in Boot Key for awhile, perhaps we’ll see you on the water.


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