Marathon, Saving New Sailors from Injury and Embarassment, New Head, and sun every day in the 70’s!

The Marathon is over! (actually, just starting!) Marathon Florida! Over 200 sailboats moored here!

We’ve made it somewhere to stay for a while. Wee Happy is Happy on a mooring among over 200 other sailboats. She is well south of all of the closed airports and sliding cars. The winds are light and the days warm and mostly sunny.

That’s every day.

We see the weather maps show the terrible weather passing north of us, and we sympathize deeply, stop for a moment of solemn reflection and even prayer for all of our loved ones. Then we jump up and down and say “yay! We did it!” Only problem is when Lala does that in the cabin and throws her neck out! There’s only 5-feet 8-inches of headroom, you see. Capt’n K has a permanent hump on his back now.

So we have to have a permanently installed marine toilet with holding tank and external pumpout port in order to stay here. Marathon is a clean harbor!

Today we had Wee Happy on the dock for 15 minutes filling up her water tank, and a young couple who had been wandering around the hartbor in their new old used 27 foot Catalina sloop came towards the dock. The staff urgently came out and basically told them to turn around and leave and “Have you called in?” and all that. We on Wee happy were on the list for the water dock at that moment and they hadn’t called in! Just then their little 2-stroke Nissan outboard quit while they were in the middle of a u-turn in the middle of a tight area about 40 feet from dock to dock. There was no room on the dock anywhere and they were being told to leave.

A panic ensued on “Sail Away” that made all gather at the railings to watch. We cast off our lines and started up the motor and went out to get them. They were making good speed right towards a nice 35 foot sloop and a piling and the mangroves. We crabbed over through the wind to their aid and thhen backed down slowly to them while Lala readied to heave the stern line to the new bride-to-be on the foredeck on her third day at sea. Lala remembered vividly just a few short months ago when she was equally clueless as the new sailor she was throwing a line to, and felt proud to now be able to tie a line to a cleat of the boat like the best of them!

Towed them ever so gently away from danger and back out into the waterway. Told the skipper to radio in for a mooring assignment. left them into the safe hands of a stout mooring ball on the other side of the grassy shoal area.

Lita went to the beach on her gleaming gold origin-8 bicycle and fortified her vitamin D reserves while digging her toes into the sand and coating her skin in sun and salt.

Wee Happy has reserved a mooring for a month. Close friends are invited to wisit during her stay! It’s a 2-hour shuttle van ride from Miami and a 3-dollar ride from here into Key West. The Marquesas and Tortugas lie waiting to the west, just a daysail and an overnight away –with waters that change from aquamarine to true blue.

So if you read this then please let us know you were here! Post a comment every time and then check back to see our replies! This place acts just like an online forum that way! We supplement our diet of fish and rice with your comments for desert.

Thanks for checking in!

Now seriously! post a comment! If you are concerned about anonymity, your email address stays between you and us, and you don’t have to sign the post anyway. We just get it as an email, you see! You can send us an email simply by posting a comment.

can’t wait to hear from you or maybe talk to you about coming down for a weekend visit or something.

“All rights reserved. Copyright Wee Happy 2011.”

Capt’n K & Lala.

(Just joking about the copyright baloney..or is that bolagna…or balooneeey? 😉 Time for dinner. Talk to you soon Wee hope!

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7 thoughts on “Marathon, Saving New Sailors from Injury and Embarassment, New Head, and sun every day in the 70’s!

  1. Larry

    News flash from Tundra Land! It has snowed 36 of the last 50 days in Minneapolis. You are missing the Winter Carnival, and jumping thru the ice into Lake Minnetonka. Eat your heart out as everyone can’t be as lucky as we Nordic Lovers.

  2. roark et al.

    Hey K&L,

    Got your voice msg, and I miss you guys too! My phone finally s..t the bed, and I don’t have cell till I get home and replace it. I’m in JFK now on my way back to VT & Sheri !!!

    We made it w/ out a hitch to Indiantown, and stopped by to see Roberto on the way. He said hiya… Sam & Roberto are off to PR in a week or so…

    It was sad to see the GG on the hard, but it’s a great marina to hole up in for the next season.

    Back to the grind w/ memories of our travels together. Keep updating the blog and happy (safe) travels…

    I’m going to make a fire staff when I get back and show Sheri… 🙂 I’ll send pics…

    luv to all…


  3. Erin

    I hope you are soaking up sunshine for us and collecting special shells. We have been sledding and are expecting more snow. I’ll bedazzle myself with my glorious scarf and think of aquamagreen waters thanks to you.

  4. Joss

    Looking out the window at the blowing snow, I am smiling to think that you have made it to a place of warmth and a slower rhythm! Love your blog, thank you for such vivid descriptions and sharing your journey.

  5. Pam Racine

    Well sorry to say that you missed the first time in seven years that Gandara closed because of snow!
    Believe you me I thought of you often when the tire of my snowblower came off the rim in the middle of the worse storm since 1978.

    Chicopee got 18 + inches of the white stuff.

    After all you have been through you two deserve a month on a beach, enjoy the mountain top experience. God likes to sometimes keep us in the valleys so we can grow stronger thru experience and trials. This is what keeps us trusting in Him.

    Gotta go Got to read your next blog! They are a breath of fresh air!
    8 weeks to SPRING!
    Love to you both

  6. Jim

    I have been following your journey all the way down the coast, you guys have a great blog. I hope to make it down to Marathon this summer, so if you are still around, lets meet up for a few cocktails. Keep up the great writing!
    s/v Skylark

  7. Amanda

    ok i am seriously considering getting the hell out of new england. will keep you posted. love you guys. these blogs are incredible. so glad you’re warm.


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