Strange Night in Long Key Bight

We have been anchored the last two nights in a large bay called “Long Key Bight”, (does anyone know what “bight” means?) where there are an unusual number of “flying fish” that leap out of the water. Pelicans, my favorite bird, seem to love these fish, and are busy diving for them here. These fish are most active at night, and last night we were startled by loud splashing outside on otherwise calm water, and went to investigate to find our boat surrounded by hundreds of jumping silver fish. We then went to sleep and both had very strange dreams all night….maybe it was the influence of the flying fish….They have been so enchanting, that I was inspired to write this wee poem that I am daring to share with y’all. Enjoy.

Long Key sunset

Strange Night in Long Key Bight

Darkness descends through a blaze of fire
New moon sliver rises higher
Flying Fish flash silver
splish splash splish splash
Silver flash of flying fish
splash splish splash splish

Darkness drives us into sleep
and dreamtime comes like a circus train
Vivid dreams flash in and out
and back in again

Strange night in Long Key Bight

Morning light rises through a blaze of fire
Warm breezes lift my spirits higher
Out of darkness dreaming

Another day dawns serene
surrounded by aquamarine

6 thoughts on “Strange Night in Long Key Bight

  1. Skipper Morgan

    Glad to hear you’re seeing creatures! The pelicans diving into the water, something I witnessed the first time a couple days ago, literally made me “laugh out loud”. I saw a synchronized diving routine, most likely freestyle, but the two birds were totally on the same page.

    Sail safely and enjoy the exploring, chiefs.

    P.S. Good Goose is in the Indian Town Marina, sitting naked in a slip, all sails bagged up, ready to go up on the hard tomorrow. Bitter sweet.

    1. wh-admin Post author

      Hi Morgan!!! So glad to hear from you! Aren’t pelicans amazing the way they can fly completely in synch with each other. It impresses me every time I see them.
      Wow, so sad to imagine Good Goose up on stands! K. had a dream about Roark last night — Roark was sitting at very small desk working on the computer and K. was telling him “Come on dude, you gotta get back to the boat!”.
      Hope the next leg of your journey is awesome. Stay in touch!

  2. Suzy

    Love that sunset photo. Lita… you must be thinking of creating a weaving using this as inspiration! Have you been able to do any weaving no that you are enjoying a warmer climate? It’s very cold and rainy in Savannah today — but NO SNOW!
    Found a group on that you might like Weaving a Life. Nice philosophy….
    Hope all continues to go well! Bob would love to join you in Key West — his dream destination… someday…
    🙂 Suzy

    1. wh-admin Post author

      Thanks Suzy! Yes, I have thought about using this photo, as well as others I’ve taken as an inspiration for a weaving. Right now Im working on an all white weaving in honor of the snow being dumped on most of the rest of the country. It’s an experimental weave structure that is turning out a bit like a huck lace, although it’s not technically a huck lace. Quite challenging, actually. I’m not sure if it’s going to turn out well or not…..that’s how it goes with experimentation, I guess.
      I’ll check out that group on Ravelry. Thanks and glad to hear from you!


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