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Podcast: Departing from Plattsburgh for Burlington, 9/29/2010

Here’s the voice logs from our departure from Plattsburgh, NY and our first stop in Burlington, VT. We stayed over in Burlington to wait out a storm. While we were there we had fine artisan pizza, visited the coop, went to West Marine, hung tight through one crazy blow of a storm, and met a few great people.

9/29:       [podcast][/podcast]

9/30 #1: [podcast][/podcast]

9/30 #2: [podcast][/podcast]

10/1 #1: [podcast][/podcast]

10/1 #2:[podcast][/podcast]

Wee Happy Podcasts now online!

We’ve been recording audio notes all along, and now we have our podcast audio feed set up. Here is an example entry from our going away party / Lala’s birthday party.