Help us Raise the Roof!

So as I indicated in our last post, we are pretty stressed out about the construction of our house right now. Since that post, things have unfortunately gotten worse instead of better. We have had a complete falling out with the person who was “managing” our building project, and have decided to not continue working with him and the crew of workers he had provided for us. The ending of that relationship has been stressful to say the least. We have lost quite a bit of sleep and money over it, and probably have a few new gray hairs because of it. Major bummer. I could go into all the gory details of why it didn’t work out, but I’ll spare you the pain. Suffice it to say that one of the things we have learned in this process is not to go into business with someone who you think is your friend but you really don’t know that well. Don’t trust unless you have previous experience to know a person is trustworthy.

Somehow through all the yucky drama of our dissolving business relationship, our house is finally ready for the roof to go on, but now we are totally out of money and don’t know how we are going to pay for the roof. An even bigger major bummer. DSC_1535 (1024x685)

Despite our best efforts at making this all work on our own, we have unfortunately arrived at this point where we need to ask for help. All the beautiful wood we have used in the framework of the house is getting damaged daily by the sun and rain, and we need to get the roof on as soon as possible. Perhaps you will consider helping us. In return, you will have a place to stay in beautiful Costa Rica when our house is finished! It is going to be an awesome house in the end, once we get through all this, I promise!

Here is the link to our fundraising campaign:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to welcoming you to our home!

2 thoughts on “Help us Raise the Roof!

  1. Velocir

    Hey guys,
    Great to see how you’re doing and your beautiful little one– so wonderful. Funny to say we are in a similar situation with house building! Shoot us an email when you can, would like to send you a private message but can’t find your email address from before.
    Much love,

    1. wh-admin Post author

      Hi Velocir! So nice to hear from you! (sorry about the delay….we are busy taking care of a wee one and building a house….)
      We would love to hear about your house building and what is happening for you guys! My email is

      Hope you are well and having less stress with your house building than we are with ours!:)

      Lita and Kristopher and wee baby Julius


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