downsizing phase 5

We are in yet another phase of “lightening our load”.  Last summer we put the stuff that had made it through at least 4 rounds of downsizing.  This is the best of the few belongings we still have, the things we just could not bear to get rid of.  It has been sitting in a storage unit for almost a year, waiting for us to figure out what in the heck we were going to do with it.  Last month we came up with a plan a, plan b, c, and d for how to get the stuff out of the storage unit in upstate New York.  Cap’t K went to New York for his sisters graduation ceremony and through a crazy set of intense and unusual circumstances came back with a rental van full of our stuff. image

We stuffed it all in another storage unit and now face the daunting task of downsizing once again. Along with that comes the question “how much more do we want to downsize?” “Is it worth it to keep stuff we MIGHT need someday!” At what point is the value of our sentimental possessions that we aren’t using but don’t want to get rid of not worth saving anymore?
We haven’t quite answered these questions yet. At the moment we are so busy working we don’t have much time to do much else anyway! But hey, now that we have a storage unit here we can offload some extra crap off our boat and put it there!

4 thoughts on “downsizing phase 5

  1. Josh

    I can only imagine that level of letting go of stuff. We have been purging for a while now and still have a lot more to go. I guess in ways its like the process of selling our house. First we started with a price that we thought was respectable. Then we had to accept dropping it a little more but that would be our limit. Well given a little more time and a reality pill we had to accept the “bottom line” for selling this place. Time seems to be the factor necessary for letting go.

  2. Hans Johnson

    I too have an I 37,68 vintage. Would like to chat about your experiences with the 37. We are in the process of painting the topsides etc. Have not had a chance to sail it, Would like to hear from you. Thanks Hans

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there. We love our islander! She sails beautifully, especially to windward. We are generally happy with the boat. If you have any specific questions we would be happy to answer them. Where is your boat?


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