Friends in the neighborhood

Remember a few months ago when we posted that we were lonely and had no friends here in St. Augustine?  Well, those lonely days are gone, and I am happy to report that we are finding ourselves in the midst of an ever improving and active social scene. Between our friends and working two jobs, I have not had time to blog, thus the long space between posts nowadays.  Sorry!   We have pirate friends, sailor friends, and are starting to meet more and more St. Augustine landlubbers. We even have a tight knit little neighborhood of friends in the anchorage now.  Our “next door” neighbor is our new best friend Ryan, a solo sailor who we have been spending a lot of time with this past moWe love our friend Ryannth.  We have been having a great time doing all kinds of things together, and Cap’t K and him have discovered a common love of beer and sailing gadgets that have made them fast friends.

Our other neighbors are a young Canadian couple who is just here for a month or so. We saw their boat before we met them, and as soon as we saw the name of their boat we just The Mighty Sea BeastKNEW we absolutely had to meet them and that we would like them.  Their boat name is “The Mighty Sea Beast”.   I mean, seriously, anyone who would name their boat that must be cool.  And they are.  We call them the “Beasties” and they are a fun loving and adventurous couple of crazies who fit right in with us.

Yesterday we had a big Sunday breakfast on our boat…here is a photo of our neighborhood crew:

So we have been having a good time lately.  I personally am loving my life here in St. Augustine right now, even though it has been exhausting working two jobs.  We also had the pleasure of having my mother come to visit recently.  She was with her new beau, Len, and we really enjoyed spending some time with them and showing them around town.

And the pirate job is going well.  I am working 4-5 shifts a week, and Cap’t K for now only has 1 shift a week.  I am learning lots of sea shanties and am shopping for a sword to complete my costume!  And we do make an adorable pirate couple, if I do say so myself!


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2 thoughts on “Friends in the neighborhood

  1. cheryl

    Great update! So glad that you guys are doing well! Our summer weather is over up here in New England and we’re back to seasonable temperatures. Burrrgh!!


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