a Day in the Life of Lala

Today I brought out our crappy camera (still saving up for a new one….soon!) and documented some of my day.

Starting with the morning commute with Cap’t K having breakfast on the run:
Morning commute

We were greeted at the dock by our friend the egret. (or is it heron?)

Then a little stroll through the quiet early morning streets of St. Augustine, past one of my favorite live oaks in the plaza.

This is the pedestrian street I go down every day to get to work. How cute is this?!

When I arrive at the restaurant I work at I am greeted by one of the owners, Jeanett.
Jeanett at La Herencia

And here is the lovely smiling face of the head cook and owner, Manny.
Manny at La Herencia

And here is the street I work on, as I finish work and head home….
Aviles Street

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