Missing you!

We are approaching the holidays quickly, and we really miss our family and friends. As much as we are in love with St. Augustine, and every day I walk around happily saying how much I love this place, nothing substitutes for being with loved ones during special holidays. So we send out our warmest and fondest greetings to everyone out there, including those of you who are friends we haven’t met in person yet.

And you are all invited to come visit us here! St. Augustine is a very worthwhile city to visit, and has a lot to offer, including very cheap hotel rooms. (although we do have space on our boat now for a few extra bodies!) So if anyone needs a break from winter, consider St. Augustine!

the Black Raven Pirate ship

Solstice sunset

5 thoughts on “Missing you!

  1. mark alexander

    i hope you’ve had a wonderful christmas! i’m sorry i missed you the other day…. i drove 1100 miles that day, so just couldn’t fit a visit in. surely we’ll connect another time soon!


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