Dinghy motors suck

So here’s what is new in the Way Happy world….

Our dinghy motor is being unreliable. Wait, you say, that’s not new! That’s been happening for weeks now, isn’t that old? Yes, it’s getting VERY old. VERY OLD!!! For reasons completely unknown to anyone, our dinghy motor will start on the first try one day, and run perfectly, and then the next time you go to start it, there will be no life whatsoever in the motor and it WILL NOT START.

We have a new friend named Ryan, and as it turns out, he is going to work for a month in Oklahoma, and he is leaving his boat and dinghy here in St. Augustine while he is away. He graciously offered to let us use his dinghy while he is away. His dinghy motor never has problems and always starts. Always, that is, until today. I got in the dinghy for the first time tonight after work, all excited to have a reliable working dinghy motor, only to find that it won’t start. At least not for me. Not even after 100 tries. Ryan would probably get the thing to start on the first try, but he’s halfway to Oklahoma now.

So I rowed back to boat. We are back on a mooring ball right now and it’s really far from the dinghy dock. Like a 40 minute row against the current far!! I had to stop and tie up to a boat that looked empty to rest halfway, it was so far. I love rowing, but not against the current, late at night after working all day….

Cap’t K is not here. He went to Marathon (in the Florida Keys) to check in on Wee Happy, our other boat. It was a long overdue visit. We have been meaning to get down there for awhile now, and our weird life keeps getting in the way of actually arriving there. We have been in limbo waiting to find out if he got the Big Job he interviewed for, and although it is a long story, basically we are still waiting to find out, so we figured this weekend would be a good time for him to just go down there and check on the boat. He rented a car and whizzed down to the Keys, while I am staying here in St. Augustine alone working and rowing. It’s kind of a drag for me, as he is getting to see all our friends down there and I know they are all partying away without me while I slave away at this stupid low paying job. Life is a drag sometimes, even when you live on a boat called Way Happy.

But it isn’t all roses for him there either. Cap’t K returned to find Wee Happy overtaken by a serious mold infestation that he spent all day cleaning. Not fun. But Wee Happy did survive the entire hurricane season without us and is doing just fine other than the mold. So it could be worse!!

Beautiful bird, ugly motor

4 thoughts on “Dinghy motors suck

  1. Lori & Russ

    Wow- we ( Ok I was) freaked out when I heard the name Wee Happy here on the Marathon Cruisers Net the other day. Then today, Wee Happy sailed by us on the mooring and I just had to research to see what was up. I can see how you would be much more comfortable in your new Islander 37. Been checking in on you guys from time to time and hope the jobs pan out ok in St. Augustine- a place I really love.

  2. Pam

    Count your blessings and soon the trials don’t look quite so bad.


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