Heading out of Charleston

After one of our typically long processes of decision making, we have decided to head out of Charleston today and keep heading south. We made some special arrangements with the wind, and it decided to be in our favor today after all. Our destination is Brunswick, GA, although we may opt out near Beaufort, SC if it sucks.

We would love to stay in Charleston awhile longer, but alas, we need to get to Florida and deal with Wee Happy and get ourselves set with some income ASAP.

We have enjoyed spending some time with our new friends Grant and Amelia from s/v Velocir this past week. They are a young couple sailing an Albin Vega, just like Wee Happy, and they had been following our blog last year while they were preparing for their trip. They departed from Annapolis about a month ago and are headed for the Bahamas. We met them in some creek near Myrtle Beach, SC and have been hopping down the ICW with them ever since. They are also sailors who sail, and we both had a great sail on the ICW to Charleston a few days ago. In fact, they even passed us with their big spinnaker up!! Apparently we are the first boat they have ever passed under sail, and as we know, wee boats are not always the fastest. We were impressed! Here’s a nice shot of them passing us:


Ok, Cap’t K is casting off, gotta go!

One thought on “Heading out of Charleston

  1. Josh

    Glad to see the trip is going well. Just a quick two cents about Brunswick — be prepared for the smell. There is a paper mill there that is famous for making the area smell like rotten eggs. I grew up vacationing on St. Simons Island and have clear memories of the smell from when we would drive through Brunswick. That being said, St. Simons and Sea Island are beautiful and far enough away from the smell. If you do stop near there check out the Crab Trap on St. Simons for beer battered fries and she-crab soup!
    Hope all continues well,


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