Camera Karma

We’ve got some bad camera karma going on here. As some of you know, we used to have two good cameras that we took awesome pictures with last year, but they have both died due to being in a “marine environment”. Right before we left on this trip we bought a completely waterproof camera. Not the most expensive one on the market, but we expected it to do the basic job. After less than two months it’s already majorly malfunctioning, and we are so disappointed! Don’t ever buy a Kodak Easyshare Sport C123! The light meter is going haywire, and the flash will not work at all. And we haven’t even gotten it wet in salt water! And due to the way they make cheap Chinese plastic electronics these days, there is no way to fix whatever isn’t working. And worst of all, we can’t find the receipt to return it.

The effect of the malfunctioning light meter creates some fanciful effects, however, and some of the photos add a lot to the general “Way Happy” vibe we have going on here. These have NOT been altered in any way in Photoshop, etc. They are exactly as the camera took them. Check it out:

Fabulous Sunset!

Lala’s feeling WAAAAY Happy today:

So today we are going shopping for another camera while we are in the big city of Charleston.
Hopefully better photos will be appearing on our blog again soon!!!

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5 thoughts on “Camera Karma

  1. Steve

    Holy Mackerel, those are pretty cool! I’ve downloaded apps on my IPhone to try and catch similar effects, but these are even better! I would not throw away that camera!

    “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
    – Albert Einstein

  2. Jay Gordon

    Psycodelic man! Instant art. As a former resident of Rochester, NY, I am ashamed to say I’m not surprised you’re not happy with Kodak. I thought Fuji was the answer until two of their cameras died on my in less than a year. After switching to Cannon, I’m now way happy.

  3. Valerianna

    WAY Whacky! I know it must be incredibly frustrating, but its also WAY cool… but if one of you had great camera that did what you WANTED it to do, then that would be a good balance to Kodak Koolaid Kamera!

    I have a pretty inexpensive Cannon, that I absolutely love. Easy & reliable.


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