Still in Nassau

We decided to stay in Nassau for a day and night in a hotel with a real bed. After 8 monthhs sleeping in a shoebox, some hotel therapy was in order. So we’re still here. We’re about to sail to west bay on the west end of the island this afternoon, and then tomorrow we plan to cross the tongue of the ocean to Morgan”s Bluff, Andros.

Seems pretty vacant here. Most cruisers have gone home. hurricane season is approaching. The last few days have actually been cloudy, the first cloudy days we’ve had in months. We are so spoiled!

After a couple of days in Andros, we plan to cross the banks back to Bimini and then the gulf stream back to Fort Lauderdale Florida. It’s time to go “back to the real world”.

One thought on “Still in Nassau

  1. Mark Roz

    You did great. We just purchased Vega 27 and we wish that we could do that much earlier. Would like to sail to Bahamas but I’m not sure if it is not to late for us. The younger the better. You still have lot of time to work.
    Work is always there but health and youth is not. Good luck.


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