Powered up

This week we’ve been back in Marathon. I keep saying I don’t want to be here anymore, but here we are. In addition to more computer work, Cap’t K. has been putting the final touches on our new power system. We now have a wind generator AND solar panels. This means that for the first time ever we have MORE power than we need. We dont have to be always skimping with our use of the laptop, stereo, and lights. The installation has required a lot of tweaking, problem solving, trips to the store, and some frustration, but we are thrilled to have adequate power! And power from the sun and wind, which are present in abundant quantities!

We also had a special visitor this week. My friend and stilt dancing collaborator (also known as my “stilt daddy”) Mark Alexander came down from where he’s been staying for the last few months in Stuart, FL for a visit. Mark is the magic behind the stilt troupe I’ve done a lot of performing with called the Mortal Beasts and Deities. He arrived just in time to drive me around town to get some heavy items for our solar panel installation like golf cart batteries and lumber (things that are difficult to transport with a wee bike). We went out for drinks and dinner and watched a glorious Keys sunset together. He stayed overnight on Wee Happy with us and the next day we went out for a short but marvelous sail. The wind was strong, the water was blue, and the sun was sunny for our sail. We roller coasted over big waves and all got wet with the sea spray. A lovely day!

Happy Day on Wee Happy

Then we went back to the marina where Mark and I strapped on our stilts and went for a stroll. I tried out my new stilt pants, which were a little long, and a bit tight in the butt, but basically worked. Two people on stilts are a sight people don’t see around the marina often, and we were a pleasant surprise to everyone!

Struttin' our stuff!

The other exciting upgrade to Wee Happy is a new stove! During this whole trip we have been putting up with a 40 year old, crappy alcohol stove that smelled bad and was difficult to cook on. The flame was so weak it would take 15 minutes just to boil water. It was not inspiring to cook on, to say the least. We upgraded to a new model of alcohol stove that has amazing marvels such as a hot flame with an adjustable burner, and it uses much less fuel and doesn’t stink. Major improvement!!! I’ve already been cooking up a storm on it and loving it!
We would show you a picture of this new shiny addition to our boat if we had a working camera. But alas, BOTH of our cameras died horrible salt water deaths in the Dry Tortugas and we currently have NO camera. We are seriously grieving this loss, and perhaps you all will be too, since we will not be able to post photos of anything until we either fix a camera or get a new one. The photos in this post are courtesy of Mark’s camera phone. Thanks Mark!

So, as a fundraiser for our camera replacement, we are selling something special. Thanks to my sister Stephanie, who owns a great coffee shop in Luck, Wisconsin (www.cafewren.com), we have a big batch of custom label coffee to sell to Wee Happy fans! This coffee is a local Fair Trade, organic dark roast, and if it’s good enough for a coffee snob like my sister, it’s pretty damn good! You can enjoy a bag of your very own for $10 plus $5.00 shipping. Contact us if you’d like to order some!!

Stephanie modeling the Wee Happy coffee

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2 thoughts on “Powered up

  1. Larry

    Could read sails in the sunset mean the boats are ablaze?
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life. So go sailing!
    When you taste the salt of the sea in your mouth, close it.
    To be, or not to be, that was the question. The answer for Capt K was to BE a sailor of the Wee…


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