Early Morning Visitor

This morning we woke up extra early, thanks to our cat SlowMo who puked up a hairball 5 inches from my head. Although it was a REALLY gross way to wake up, it’s been lovely having these early morning hours to get extra stuff done. And we got to see a very special visitor who came to our boat to say hello.

Spotted Ray

We are calling this lovely creature a spotted ray, although it may have another more official name. What a peaceful, serene creature! It moved gracefully through the water like it was flying. It flew over to our boat, circled slowly a few times, and went off into the turquoise blue water. We’ve never seen one up close before, although I have seen other types of rays that I heard were called Eagle Rays, jump VERY high out of the water, and they make an impressively huge splash.

This morning Cap’t K. tackled the last stage of installing the wind generator. He had to contort himself into crazy and dangerous positions to install this heavy piece of equipment up on a pole that is mounted on the stern of Wee Happy. Here he is putting the last propeller blade up:

Last blade is up

The wind generator is now spinning in the wind beautifully and K. is doing the final install of attaching the cables to the batteries as I write. This will be a major improvement in our power situation, as we only had a very wee 20 watt solar panel before. We were extremely blessed in getting this used wind generator for a mere $35 plus the cost of a few nuts and bolts and the cables….normally these things cost THOUSANDS of dollars, so we got the deal of a lifetime!

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Visitor

  1. Pam

    I know you two are loving your time on that boat, and 6 monthsof vacation is just what everyone should have. But I am seriously thinking your very attached to the office you have found and you keep adding these little luxuries on to the boat. Are you ever going to come back to the insane life you once had? Or are you waiting for the rapture to come while living on the boat?
    I am so happy for you. There are some of us who dare to do what you do and then there are some of us who live our lives through yours.
    God Bless and keep you safe and may he meet all your coming needs before you even know you have them

  2. Joshua Altschule

    They are called spotted eagle rays and are so beautiful! One of my favorite marine animals to watch. I remember walking off the beach of an island on the west coast of Florida on a rainly and dreary summer morning. While in a lagoon-like setting these two spotted eagle rays gracefully swam nearby as I made my way through (I was studying sea turtle nesting). Its an image that I won’t ever forget. Such striking beings.


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