In Paradise with Mom

Sunset in Boot Key harbor

Here we are, me and my mom, drinking pina coladas while watching the sunset on our boat. Life is good! She arrived last night safe and sound from chilly, no make that FREEZING South Dakota. We are experiencing nice and hot weather to thaw her out for a few days!

This morning we ate breakfast at a local breakfast joint that makes omelettes with seafood. At the restaurant we saw this sign that Mom wants to share with all her Northern friends that wish they were here:

Free Snow Removal!!! Great deal!

We hung out at the marina and talked to other sailors, so Mom could get a glimpse of all the stories that abound in this harbor full of sailing adventurers. There were a few of them who had donuts and really made K.’s day. He has been having donut withdrawal since we left Dunkin’ Donuts territory way back in New England.

Sombrero Beach

Then, since there wasn’t much wind today, we took our dinghy over to Sombrero Beach and hung out on the beach. Mom had a miserable time on the white sand with a mixed drink in her hand. (just kidding! she looked pretty happy and relaxed the whole time!)

Then we went on an adventure out to the coral reef, which is 3 miles out in the ocean from the beach. We flew across the water at a whopping 10 miles per hour bouncing over the waves and screaming. We finally made it out to the reef, unfortunately without our snorkeling gear. So we peered over the edge of the dinghy to see waving fans, sea sponges, fish and all sorts of other unidentified aquatic life just under the surface of the water. K. and I got in the water for a short swim, and then we headed back towards land. While we were passing a lighthouse tower where there were lots of birds perched, we noticed a bird dangling from the side of the tower. It looked unusual and strange, so we went closer to take a look. It turned out to be a pelican who had apparently eaten a fish that had a hook and fishing line still attached to it. The pelican had become completely entangled in the line, and the line was entangled in the tower, and it was hanging in the air struggling to get free. Since pelicans are currently my favorite animal, I couldn’t bear to see it suffering like that, and we tried to figure out how we could help it. It looked awkward, as if it had been seriously injured in it’s plight, and we weren’t sure if we could save it. But K. bravely volunteered to climb up on the tower to cut the line free so at least the bird could be released. When he cut the line, the pelican fell to the water and did not move. But it was not dead.  It floated upside down with it’s head lying in the water as if it’s neck were broken and it couldn’t lift it’s head. I turned it over and it still couldn’t lift it’s head, so we assumed that it’s neck was broken and sadly decided there wasn’t any more we could do. Even though we put forth a valiant pelican rescue effort, we didn’t save the bird. But we did lay it to rest in the arms of the sea. May it go to bird heaven in peace.

The lighthouse tower where we tried to save the pelican

On another note, tonight is the Super Bowl. But we don’t really care (although we are rooting for the Packers!!!) and we are going to make fresh fish on the boat. But there is a big gathering going on at the marina for the game and we will probably go over and check it out….

Bad news….K. just checked the weather report and it is gonna be cold tonight –lows in the 70’s.  Hope Mom can handle it.

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2 thoughts on “In Paradise with Mom

  1. Larry

    Weather forecast for Minnesota and South Dakota is below zero temps for a couple days. A warming trend on Saturday as it goes up to 24. During the whole month of January, it never got above 32 degrees. It snowed 27 days during January! Wish you were here!

  2. Joshua Altschule

    Cool trick if you don’t already know this. When your snorkeling and take a dive below and feel the ear pressure, pinch your nose and blow the pressure out of your ears. It makes it go away and you can dive even deeper!


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