Arrival of the Sisters

Since we put out the word that we were staying put in one spot long enough for people to catch up with us via airplane, we suddenly have a long list of people coming to visit! Now that we have braved 3 whole months of cold weather and tedious travel to get the boat down here to a warm climate, people freezing their butts off in the North wanna come visit!
The first to arrive is Sas, K.’s dear little sister, who came in Sunday from Plattsburgh, NY, where it was 15 degrees below zero. She is here for only a few short days, and so we are trying to pack in the warm weather activities while she’s here. Only the weather isn’t really cooperating, and even though it’s almost 100 degrees warmer than in Plattsburgh, it still wasn’t really bikini beach weather today. There was a blustery wind blowing all day with scattered showers…..but we still decided to go out sailing, and Sas is such a sailing trooper that she didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were out there getting rocked around and sprayed in the waves.

Smiling siblings

And we all were laughing hysterically when a “rogue” wave came crashing over the boat, completely soaking her brother in 20 gallons of water. Some dolphins even made a brief appearance just for her.

We finally got some basic fishing gear and a fishing license so that we can try fishing. We are both complete beginners at fishing, neither of us ever having fished before. So today, with Sas, we threw our lines into the water for the first time to see what we might catch. K. caught several tiny fish right away that were so wee they got lucky and were tossed back in the water.

A Wee Fish

And that was all we caught. No big boys for us, although some sneaky fish who figured out how to eat the bait without touching the hook got fattened up from our bait!

Tomorrow the second sister, arrives: my little sister Stephanie. For one night the sisters will overlap and we will have an all time record number of people sleeping aboard Wee Happy. We’ll let you know how it goes.
We’re really happy to see our sisters, who we’ve been missing a lot!!

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One thought on “Arrival of the Sisters

  1. Jen Grimes

    Yay for the visits of the wee little sisters! Hope you all have a blast — looking at the weather on the internet — WARM! (beats -30) Be sure to post a pic of Steph in your wee kayak!


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