Bird’s Eye view of Wee Happy at Marathon

View Wee Happy in a larger map

It’s amazing what you can see with Google Maps! This picture shows how many boats are here in this “hurricane hole” known as Marathon. Wee Happy is marked on mooring P5. You can zoom in or zoom out with the “+” and “-” buttons in the upper left-hand corner.

One thought on “Bird’s Eye view of Wee Happy at Marathon

  1. Joshua Altschule

    For good old Florida Keys cuisine try some Conch (pronounced Conk) Fritters at Porky’s. If memory serves me right it was a unique place to dine. I remember a Jimmy Buffett type musician singing about the suckers up north in the snow. Btw its been snowing about 24 hours and 2 1/2 ft of snow has accumulated thus far. Hey… don’t think I don’t hear you gigling. Please enjoy the warm sun for us all up here and if you would be so kind as to gently blow, together and in unison, some of that warn air our way I’d be grateful. Enjoy!!


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