Wee Happy spreads holiday joy with new sail

Wee Happy got a colorful upgrade with the purchase of our new “gennaker”, an assymetrical spinnaker, which is a very large, lightweight sail that is employed only in certain light wind conditions. Regular spinnakers are primarily used when the boat is traveling directly downwind, but our version can be used in other wind conditions as well. It can be used like the genoa front sail but is ideal in very light wind. It’s like a cross between a genoa and spinnaker, which is why it is referred to as a “gennaker”. It’s easier to raise than a traditional spinnaker, which can be a complicated mess to put up. AND, the best part of all, is that it a rainbow of colorful beauty, billowing out in front of the boat, lighting up the faces of everyone who sees it.

Our new rainbow sail

We have had some delightful sunny days lately with just the right type of wind to test out our new gennaker, and we have been having fun sailing it for sure! (Except for the day when I had a total meltdown while we were putting the sail up, which was not fun, but that’s another story.) Here is a video of the first day we sailed it, while we were in the company of our friends on 3 other boats, who were all giving us helpful advice on how to sail it. It was truly a joy:

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