Not happy on wee happy

December 22, 2010
Launched from the rafted flotilla in Indian Head Beach by Dragon Point at 07:30. light west winds. Raised the main and unfurled the genoa since we’d be on a beam reach for most of the day! We still had to motorsail in order to keep up with the other boats. The winds were right at around 10:00 for flying the gennaker, so I doused the genoa.

Instant stress. 1st mate clearly wasn’t mentally prepared for the task. What was supposed to be beautiful turned out to be a disgusting mess that ended in her rather completely “losing it.”

The day is about 70 degrees, sunny, and warm with nice west winds at just the right speed for sailing, so you’d think that it would be fantastic. The complete breakdown of respectful communication has tarnished it for me, and I have not yet been able to enjoy the blue green waters and brilliant sun now. This sucks.

I just want off. The hell with this.

Not happy on wee happy today.
Capt’n K.

3 thoughts on “Not happy on wee happy

  1. Suzy

    It’s so good to vent! But seize the moment like you’ve been doing right along. You are there… sailing… it’s almost Christmas… ENJOY! Living in close quarters, braving the elements like the two of you have done, has GOT to be stressful. You become like a pressure cooker and you have to blow every now and then to get the pressure out. Otherwise you’d really explode.
    I really admire what you have both set out to do… and what you’ve done!
    Keep it up!!!
    Your Savannah/Lake Champlain friends…

  2. Cheryl SEAVER

    You are not alone!! One day,this past summer, we decided that the winds were right to fly our spinnaker ( for only the 2nd time ) and we did, unforutnately the winds immediately picked up and we were close to some outcroppings of rocks in a narrow sound, with another sailboat bearing down on us and the boat was heeling over way too much and I jammed my toe while trying to douse the spinnaker and there was yelling and swearing … oh it wasn’t pretty. These things just make you stronger. That we still love each other in the face of our terrible shortcomings is what makes makes life a wonderful thing! Hang in there.


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