Another boring day

Dear Wee Happy Fans and Followers, we know that you are awaiting grand tales of wild, daring experiences, but here is the truth: we don’t have any exciting adventures to write about lately. We have just been motoring along the Intracoastal Waterway and it’s actually kind of boring. Some days the most exciting thing is going under a big bridge or seeing a particularly outrageous mansion along the waterfront. Today, the most exciting thing we saw was a fishing boat surrounded by a million birds hoping to steal some of the fisherman’s catch.

Fishing boat surrounded by birds

We bought fish today from the fishing company that owns this boat, and are looking forward to cooking it tomorrow! The guy who worked there was so “salty”, he literally looked like he was covered in salt.

Anyway, back to our boring life. We just want to make sure y’all (can you tell we are in the south now?) are not too jealous, and wanted to give you a little reality check on our status.
Most days have just been hours and hours of steering the boat in a straight line, looking around at the water. A highlight of the day is always breakfast….here is a little glimpse:

It IS relatively stress free, and the boat is not rocking and rolling in big waves, so I really can’t complain that much. But I’m really missing sailing, and we are planning on our next ocean passage, which, if the weather cooperates, will be on Thursday.

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