What we are thankful for

We are spending Thanksgiving in Wrightsville Beach, NC.
We finally made it to a long, sandy, fabulous beach!!!

Here are the top ten things we are thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving:
1. Our guardian angels who are working overtime protecting us

2. All the other angels who have come in the form of kind people, easy circumstances and beautiful moments who have helped make this trip a success so far

3. Towns that have dinghy docks near the town center

4. Towns that have public restrooms near the dinghy docks!

5. Free hot showers!

6. Our new autopilot!

7. So many opportunities to see the sun rise over the water

8. Our cats who give us so much love and affection.

9. The miracle of the internet that helps keep us connected to you

10. And, YOU, our family and friends who we feel so much love and support from!

We are thankful we made it to the beach!

2 thoughts on “What we are thankful for

  1. Jim

    Hey Guys, saw your post on cruisers forum and came to your site. Looks like you have been having a great trip. And good for you getting the auto-pilot. I hand steered from Washinton, NC to Charleston, SC and it sure took a lot out of us. Borrowed an autopilot and it sure made all the difference, you will love it! As far as the trip from Wrightsville to Charleston, I recommend you stop at Oak Island once you round Cape Fear. Due to weather, we went in for a few days and really enjoyed the town. You can dock for free at a resturant called the Provision Company but they don’t have services. Make sure you get the conch fritters. 🙂 Anyway, if you are headed to FL, give me a shout when you get to the St. John’s river. Beverages are on me!
    S/V Skylark

  2. Erin

    Yahoo! So happy to hear you made it to the beach. Your two packages are back in the mail. We’ll be flying into West Palm. We’d love to walk on the beach with you guys!


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