1,000 miles in two months!

So, we left around October 1st, and now it’s nearing the end of November. So we can simply say that we’ve been traveling for two months now. We just discovered the odometer function in our GPS chartplotter, and it’s been running since we installed the thing at the beginning of our trip. Today, right now, actually, we are crossing over the 1,000 mile mark. That’s an amazing amount of distance for us to think that we’ve covered.

Still, we can do some basic math for fun. So let’s divide 1,000 miles by two months; that’s simply 500 miles per month. Then let’s divide 500 miles by 30 days per month, and we get an average of 17 miles per day.

Wow! 17 miles per day! We are flying down the coast here! Hold on to your hats everyone! We have another 1,000 miles to go to make it to Miami, so we might be there by the end of January at this rate!

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