11/8 – 11/10, 2010, Annapolis to Solomons Island.


Tucked into a peaceful, wide open, serene anchorage away from all towns and marinas for a gorgeous slow setting of the sun and rise of the new moon simultaneously. The sun was so warm that I decided to jump into the water. I got to check the Volvo’s prop for the first time since Plattsburgh. Then I got right out and dried off. It’ not *that* warm yet!

Practiced gybeing downwind instead of running before the wind on our way from there to Solomons Island today. Watched Navy helicopters practice low-level exercises/trainings within a mile of us over the water. Their spray made rainbows.

US Navy helicopter training over the Chesapeake

Everyone here at Solomons is overwhelmingly warm and nice. The place is immaculate and luxurious and all the needed stores are just a short walk away. Four sailboats (plus us) will be departing here tomorrow morning to head south to Norfolk Virginia and then to the ICW from there. Sweet!

Lighthouse near Solomons Island

They have the most wonderful lighthouses here. Lighthouses are like yurts in so many ways, but the ones here are most of all. They are octagonal and short–about two stories tall in all, and they are on a platform up above the surface too.

Lala weaving on the foredeck in some superb weather while underway

Lala was industrious and has woven curtains on her portable loom. She got the sewing machine out and hemmed them right here in the kitchen!

Lala hemming the newly woven curtains onboard while at anchor

Dont they look lovely! Note the delicate columns!

The cats are healthy and happy. They just sleep a lot and come out to play in the evenings when we are anchored. They are yummy!

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2 thoughts on “11/8 – 11/10, 2010, Annapolis to Solomons Island.

  1. Cheryl

    So good to keep up with your travels this way – really enjoy your excellent writing skills! And, I recognize the Norfolk VA area – I was there once and saw that long bridge you will probably be sailing under!! I was at Williamsburg where many of the original settlers to America settled. Will you have time to visit there? And how wonderful to see that you have a sewing machine with you!!! Way to go girl!!

  2. Beth

    Just got all caught up on your adventures and even listened to a podcast – it was great hearing your voices! Our first snowfall is probably only hours away up here. We’ll be thinking of you!!


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