Sailboat City

Today we arrived in Sailboat City, “aka Annnapolis, Maryland”.

Annapolis boasts itself as the “Sailing Capital of America”.

Just a few of the thousands of sailboats in Annapolis

We read that in one of our guidebooks, and decided that maybe we should stop there for at least an afternoon to check it out. I, like many Midwesterners, barely knew anything about Annapolis, other than that it is the capital of Maryland. I never thought seriously about going there, or about what hidden beauties it might hold.
We headed into one of the numerous bays surrounding Annapolis in a perfect wind, heading us straight into the harbor at 6 knots. As we headed into the harbor from the Chesapeake Bay, we encountered a entire sailing team racing with their glorious, colorful spinnakers hoisted to the wind. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen on our entire trip thus far! An appropriate welcome to the city of sailors!

Entering Annapolis amongst racing spinnakers

We entered the crowded bay to find literally thousands of sailboats in the harbor. Gorgeous sailboats of every kind where everywhere around us. Not just a few sailboats among mostly powerboats or fishing boats. This is definitely the sailboating mecca of North America. The entire city is oriented around sailboats. Once we had anchored our boat among the sailboats crowding the harbor, we took our dinghy to one of the city docks, and walked easily into the historical center of Annapolis, which we learned has more remaining 18th century buildings than any other in America.
Who knew?!? Annapolis charmed us immediately. As soon as we saw the city reserved a dock smack dab in the middle of the hoppin’ historical district for dinghys, we were HOOKED on this adorable colonial town filled with wonderfully preserved buildings from the 1700’s. Shops, restaurants, art galleries, tiny alleyways, cobblestone streets, all centered around marinas featuring thousands of glorious SAILBOATS.
After a brief walking tour of the historical district which included the marvelous state capital surrounded by charming colonial streets, we decided to have a light dinner at Middleton’s Tavern, a tavern dating back to 1750. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were all reported to have stayed here during the Revolution.
We enjoyed a “Seafood Tower”, a sampling of many of the local seafood delicacies from the Chesapeake Bay: Oysters, Crabs, and other seafood all presented on a 3 tiered towerer. Combine that with a few local brewed beers, and we were happy sailors indeed.

k. and the Tower of Seafood

Last night I said that tomorrow we were going enjoy a vacation on the Chesapeake, and enjoy we did! This has been a marvelous break from the intensity of traveling, trying to put on miles, navigational challenges, battling the storm in the COLD, COLD (did I mention cold?) wind and pushing, pushing, pushing south. We even enjoyed a LONG, HOT SHOWER at one of the many local marinas who sympathize with sailing cruisers.

Today has been a day to stop and smell the roses.

stop and smell the roses

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3 thoughts on “Sailboat City

  1. Antonio Virgini

    Hey guys……

    Sorry I missed you. Is the Volvo behaving? You haven’t mentioned much about it. If you have not yet procured a plow this may be the time and place to find one….. It helps with your sleep when you are firmly stuck to the ground. And, oh, BTW…. It is somewhat colder on Lake Champlain and points north.

    Warmest Regards to you and Lita.

  2. wh-admin Post author

    Antonio! Hello! So good to hear from you! We haven’t mentioned the Volvo engine because we haven’t been using it. Right before we left Kris decided to take the Honda outboard motor off the other sailboat he was tring to sell, and put it on the Vega. We have been using that as our primary motor because the Volvo kept causing us problems. The Honda has been working great, it goes in reverse no problem, and it is significantly quieter than the diesel.
    What is a plow? Im not familiar with that term…..
    And yes, we are definitely glad to have escaped at least the cold of the far north!!

  3. Antonio Virgini

    Kris, Lita,

    I guess the volvo will be a BU. The simplest form of the plow is the Bruce.
    Usually you can find a knock-off ( the patent has expired) for a good price.
    The CQR ( and its variations ) are also plows. The hold better in many situations where the danforth is marginal. Anyways, I’m pleased that you have gotten to warmer climes…… I hope to spend some time in Cuba this winter’

    Warmest Regards,


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