Podcast: 11/2/2010, NY to NJ run on open ocean through the night

Here is the tired, weary audio log from after our completion of the 120 mile run down the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey. We decided to sail through the night, but we met with stronger weather than we had anticipated. We had to make the passage in 15-20 mile per hour winds with following seas with a wind chill around freezing. Stopped in Atlantic City for a two or three hour nap before continuing in daylight down the coast to the southern tip of NJ called Cape May. Stress. Tension. Anxiety. Yeah…to say the least![podcast]http://weehappy.com/Audio/10110201.MP3[/podcast]

Wee Happy at a slip in Cape May after finishing the 120 mile long run from New York.

MoJo hanging out on the dock in Cape May after the 36 hour long 120 mile run.

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