Monthly Archives: February 2011

Go fly a Kite

For 1300 miles, we carried on our wee boat a large bag of kiteboarding kites, with the plan that when we hit warmer climes and waters, K. would get to finally try kiteboarding. We thought it would happen in North Carolina, and South Carolina, and Georgia, and Florida, but the truth is the huge kites have not seen the light of day since we left.

Until now. We finally got the kites out and took them to a large beach on a hot and sunny day. We went on the most major expedition yet in our trusty uber dinghy, and took it five miles down the coast loaded up with gear, a cooler of ice and beer, and other beach essentials. We brought our friends R.J. and Mel, who were interested in checking out the kites too. And we made a day of it.

The kiteboarding kites are very large and require some strength and skill to handle. There wasn’t enough wind get pulled up on the board in the water, but there was enough to get the kite in the air and practice flying it. Here’s Cap’t K. continuing his life long passion for kites:

Power Kite

R.J. picked it up really quickly, with the help of K.’s expertise. By the end of the day he looked like a pro.

RJ and K. flying the big kite

We also found that the kite made an excellent sunshade!

Another use for a big kite

Man O' War on the beach

There are still man o’wars around. The beach was covered with them. As beautiful as they are, the threat of their sting is disconcerting. We saw a guy walking all along the beach stepping on each one that had washed up on the beach. He did not appear to be affected by them and claimed he had extreme callouses on his feet.

We got some serious sun that day and all went home with a few patches of sunburn. K,’s butt is actually get whiter and whiter, we have discovered!
That night we had a mega fish feast, thanks to R.J. who went all out getting a LOT of shrimp and red snapper from the fish market and cooking it up for us. A sweet day!